Our Department and our territory

The studies and surveys that our Department carries out in Trentino since a long time provide an important support to the conservation and management of the provincial environmental heritage. This knowledge results in actions, projects and initiatives that involve local communities and territories, promoting the diffusion of an environmental and scientific culture.

Reti di Riserve

Reti di Riserve (networks of local protected areas) is an innovative tool for the management and conservation of the protected areas within the Trento province. Based on the provincial law 11/2007 that regulates how this tool works, the province can delegate the protection of the local and provincial natural reserves and Natura 2000 sites to local Authorities that commit to planning priority actions for environmental and biodiversity conservation and sustainable development through a Management Plan. This tool, applied to the whole Trentino territory, will contribute to the realisation of the Provincial Ecological Network.

Our Department collaborates to the coordination of some of these Reti di Riserve and shares knowledge and competences coming from the research activity by participating to divulgation initiatives, providing technical training and promoting public awareness. Out of ten Reti di Reserve established so far, our department continously supports the activities of four of them:

Rete di Riserve Bondone
Rete di Riserve Alpi Ledrensi
Rete di Riserve Alto Noce
– Rete di Riserve Valle del Chiese (website under construction)

The project ‘Biodiversità Partecipata’

Since 2014, the MUSE has contributed to the realisation of the ‘Biodiversità Partecipata’ project promoted by the Department of Sustainable Development and Protected Areas of the PAT (autonomous province of Trento). The goal is the definition of a shared plan on biodiversity communication and education in the protected areas, through the engagement of local institutions. This project has led PAT and MUSE to the identification of the main biodiversity emergencies in Trentino, the proposition of issues to work on and to testing new divulgation methods like the Citizen Science.

To find out more visit http://www.areeprotette.provincia.tn.it/incentivi_progetti/-BIODIVERSITA/pagina41.html

Natural Reserves (Biotopi) within the Trentino Natura 2000 network

Thanks to the permanent monitoring of these sites, our Department provides technical advice to the competent provincial department, in order to find ways to conserve habitats and species in these areas, and increase their environmental value and the consequent use by the citizens.

To find out more visit http://www.areeprotette.provincia.tn.it/riserve_provinciali/biotopi_riserve/